Email Authorization Form

Sign up for the Nantucket Mews Condominium Email Distribution list & receive all paper mail via email.


To enhance timely and effective communication between the Condominium and the unit owners, you have the option to receive correspondence via email in lieu of paper Mail. This will also save the community hundreds of dollars each year in postage. The Law requires authorization in writing to do this. Please complete and submit the information below if you would like to receive communication by e-mail.

As a Homeowner at Nantucket Mews Condominium, by completing and submitting this form, you authorize all notices/letters/postcards regarding community business to be sent to you via email.

If your email changes and you do not inform management of the change, you will not get notices regarding community business.  In addition, you will continue to receive notices via email until written notice to cease is provided to management.